Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Belly Movement

Last night I was laying in bed, and the baby started kicking, so I pulled my shirt and my entire belly was moving from side to side! Prior to this, I've seen just little blips on the outside, but last night it was completely moving! It was so amazing. I can't wait to meet our baby. Frankie says that the baby is trying to kick it's way out.

I love being pregnant. I feel great, I've got energy, I'm not yet huge, I'm feeling lots of movement. I can only pray that the rest of the pregnancy goes this well.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm sad

Okay, I know it's kinda lame, but I'm really sad. Those of you that know me, know that I love animals. A lot of times I like animals more than I really like people. In fact, the more people I meet the more I like my animals.

Anyway, I've had Maizey, the corn snake (get the pun?), since 2002. That's 5 years, that's longer than I've had anything really. I got her when she was about 4" long and just 3 weeks old. She traveled with me on a move from WA to FL and then back to CA. On the way back to CA she got out of her box somewhere between OK and Vegas, I thought she was gone for sure. That was in November, at the end of February when I was getting out of my car one day I see her head pop out from the engine into the car. It freaked me out to say the least! She was found about 3 weeks later in the back of the car wrapped around the spare tire. Other than a few little marks that went away she was fine. She's quite the escape artist she once escaped and got wrapped around our washer machine and again in the house and I thought she was gone, 3 months later she shows up in a drawer and then when I was cleaning behind the oven I found her skin there, she must have like the warmth! Good thing I don't use the oven a whole lot!

Anyway, today I sold her. After MANY months of threatening too and not being able to do it, finally I did it. I don't have the time to take care of her and our house is way too small for my menagerie AND a baby.

I didn't think I would be this sad, but she's been through a lot with me. I hope she likes her new home.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Wow! What a game! Frank is a HUGE Giants Fan!! For a team that wasn't supposed to really even make it to the playoffs, they played an amazing game today!!! He was out of control during the game. For those of you that know Frank, you know that he doesn't do anything half-heartedly, including watching football! The superbowl party is a our house this year, Frank's birthday is 3 days later, so we are going to do both parties at once, it could make for a very good or very bad birthday for him!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Baby's first pictures

We went this morning and had our 20 week ultrasound done. Despite drinking juice and eating oranges before I went, little stinker didn't want to move (it's definitely Frankie's kid, VERY stubborn)! The tech was pushing on Baby to get it to move so we could at least get a profile shot, it yawned and rolled over! Enough that we could get the profile. In the first picture you can see the yawn at little bit and in the second you can see the profile and the body and arm.

They said that everything looked great. From what they could see of the heart it looked good. They want us to go to a genetic counselor because of my heart problems and Frankie's sister had the same thing. They also want us to get a fetal echo. done. I'm not worried about it at all. They just want to make sure so that at the delivery they'll know if there's any problems. The genetic counseling is a little silly, we've already chosen to marry each other and have kids with each other, what are they going to do, genetically alter our babies in the future? Oh well, it's information. The more you know. . .

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Almost Done!!

The never ending job of getting the garage cleaned out is almost done! I'm SO excited! Frank and I spent about 2 1/2 hours in it today and WE WERE ABLE TO GET A CAR IN IT!! It has been almost a year since we've been able to get a car in there. The mess all started with the remodeling of the house and the messes that come with that, then when we decided to build a shed on the side of the house, the old shed all got moved into the garage, so there was no room for a car. Then between the flipping of a house, me moving in, finishing the remodeling, it has just been a big dumping ground. In the last month I think we have taken about 6 cars loads of stuff to Goodwill! I think I'm nesting, I'm on the downhill slide of this pregnancy and we haven't even begun to work on the nursery cause we are trying to get the rest of the house cleaned and organized. It's hard to move a complete house into an already established complete house! By time we are done with the garage we should have this car, the bike, and the truck in there! Making our house a little less white trash, one car at a time! (We have 5 cars that sit in front of our house, it's ridiculous!)

Along the lines of nesting, yesterday I went through my kitchen and cleaned out 3 different cabinets. I rearranged where everything is. I like it better now, but I just have to learn where everything is again!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

SV Class of '98 reunion

I just got this tonight from Scott Mortensen, I figured the best way to pass it on was through here. I'd love to see everyone!

Hello classmates!!
Well, the time for a 10 year reunion is drawing near. We have worked hard contact as many people as we can. We now have over 100 email addresses, BUT we need more!!!
Some of you have volunteered to help contact people however possible (calling parents, google, white pages, etc.) and that is wonderful! If any of you have email address or other contact information of classmates (graduates of the Class of 1998) that you have not forwarded on PLEASE do so now! You can email them to me at or
Also, if you are willing to help contact a few random classmates to get their contact info (especially email address) please let me know. I will be sending out a short list of names (less than 20) to each person that they can attempt to contact! After we have all received as many email addresses as possible we will send out a survey (through to get more information about what everyone wants for the reunion.
SO, let me know if you are interested in helping contact people by Tues., Jan 14th and I will add you to the list!
We are excited to have the reunion to recall so many memories!
Your Senior Class Presidency
Scott Mortensen
Lara Hansen Huff
Darcie Brown Demille
Lindsey Mitchell Cantwell

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I'm 20 weeks on Friday and you can barely tell! Although on Tuesday three clients asked me if I was pregnant, so I guess people can tell. Oh well, I should enjoy being small still. I'm still wearing my prepregnancy jeans, but they are getting harder and harder to button by the day. I don't think Baby likes them, every time I sit down kicking starts right where the band touches (or buries itself into) my belly. We have our 20 weeks scan on Monday. I'm VERY excited about it. We aren't going to find out the sex, but I'm just excited to see the baby and know that everything is okay. We didn't do the triple whatever test, so it will be a relief to have this scan done.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kicks and squirms

This morning I woke up pretty early to go to the bathroom (what a shock), I couldn't go back to sleep so as I was laying there I started poking and proding my belly to see if I could feel the baby. I felt it a couple of weeks ago a little bit at my Mom's but I haven't felt anything since. After pushing on my belly for a while, I finally felt it kick! It was big enough that Frankie could feel it too! It was so exciting. This is the first time that I've been sure that it was a kick, and not just gas. And now as I'm sitting here I can feel it again. Not so strong this time, just little ones. I'm SO excited!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain!

It has been raining straight for 24 hours. We have gotten over 6" already! It's supposed to rain until late Saturday night too. I guess it's good, we need it. I don't mind, especially today, because I don't have to go anywhere. Above 1000 feet they are having hurricane winds and they have closed to freeways because of the rain. They've closed I-80 to Tahoe, because they are supposed to get 7 feet of snow, in 24 hours!

Whew! I'm tired!

I got back on Wednesday from spending 10 days in UT with my family. I'm just feeling like I'm not absolutely exhausted! We had a great time. We stayed up late every night playing games and talking, I'm not used to going to bed at midnight every night!

The day we got there we stayed down in Farmington, at Alesa's house. Frank had never seen the lights at Temple Square so we went and saw those. I hadn't seen them in a really long time, so it was nice, but it was COLD! I think it was 9* I'm not used to that!

For Christmas Eve, Mom, Frank and I went to dinner at a steak house and just spent the evening relaxing and finishing wrapping presents. All of my siblin
gs were at their in-laws for Christmas Eve. While we were at dinner Cache Valley got about 6" of snow. It was so pretty to finally have a white Christmas! I can't remember the last time that there was snow on Christmas.

Alesa and Justin got home about 10:00 and Frank and I stayed up and helped them get Santa presents ready. I helped Alesa wrap, while Frank helped Justin put together a huge train set for Dallin. We ended up going to bed about 1:15, then I woke up at 5:00 waiting for Stephanie to call so Frank and I could go to her house and watch the kids open gifts (I must have been more excited than the kids). She didn't call until almost 6:30 so we ran over there and watched them open presents. At 7:30 Alesa called and her kids
were up, so we ran back to my Mom's house and watched them open gifts. It was a lot of fun to see all the kids excitement! At 10:00 everyone came to my Mom's house and we had breakfast and exchanged gifts.

For Christmas, with my siblings we decided to not do gifts, but to draw names and take the other couple on a date. Frank and I had Travis and Juli, because we only had one night to do anything before Frank left, we just took them to dinner. It was nice to be able to get to spend one on one time with them. With all the chaos when everyone is together it's hard to have conversations about anything.

Frank and Justin spent the day after Christmas helping Stephanie and Doug frame in a couple rooms in their unfinished basement. I can't believe they got it all done in a day, but they did!

Frank left on the 27th, he had to come home to work. I stayed in UT until after New Year's. It was hard and sad being away from each other on New Year's. We decided we would never do that again. When we booked the tickets we didn't think it would matter, because I'm so tired I have a hard time staying up late, and I wouldn't want to go o
ut, because there are too many drunk people out and they annoy me! Frank ended up not going out either. WHAT? That's right, Frank the party boy stayed home! I was shocked that he did. I guess that's what marriage and a baby (almost) does to you!

We stayed at Alesa's house and did fondue with the family. We didn't want the kids to stay up until midnight so at 10:00 when the ball dropped in New York we all watched it and celebrated then. We adults decided that was a better celebration than we would have so we were going to go to bed, but ended up staying up and just having a drink of Martinelli's.

It's good to be home and back to reality.