Monday, August 27, 2007

A growing business

I'm so excited! I just bought my business a server. I know, I know it's kind of a lame thing to be excited about, but the first thing that I'm excited about is that I'm not going to have the headaches that have come from the lame set up that I'm using now. But the thing that I'm most excited about is that my business is growing big enough to have to need a server! I'm up to 3 employees now, plus me, and I think I will be hiring one more person in the next month or so. My goal is by the end of next year to have 10 full-time employees!

To see more wedding pictures. . .

go to There are WAY too many to upload to here!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Before and After Pictures

This is the before and after of the outside of our house. Frank bought this house 3 years ago and has spent that much time, on and off remodeling it. It is almost finished! FINALLY! There are just little things, like the shower in the master bath has REALLY great shower heads, but no glass.

As we finish each room I'll take pictures and show you the difference. It has been a lot of work but definitely worth it! We thought about selling it for a couple of weeks and moving into a house that we flipped, but this house had all of us in it and we couldn't bring ourselves to do it.


We have been doing a lot of landscaping trying to get this house done so that we can enjoy our lives. I must admit, this is a lot more fun than the work we were doing before the wedding! MUCH less stressful when you don't have a deadline you are trying to race against.

This is my pride and joy passion fruit vine. The first one is the flower and this one below is the fruit. When I bought the plant it was only about 3 feet tall and had one little tiny fruit on it and no flowers. Now it's almost 8 feet tall and has about 20 fruit on it and LOTS more flowers and buds. The fruit is almost ripe. I have no idea what passion fruit tastes like, so I'm really excited to try it!

Wedding and Married life

Our wedding was absolutely magical! Thank you to all of our family and friends that were able to join us there. We missed all of you that weren't able to make it.

We've been married now for 7 weeks, not very long, but long enough to know that we love it. A couple of weeks ago Frank was saying how much he loved being married and asked if I loved it as much as he did. I told him, yes, because you are a much better husband than you were a boyfriend!

Now that we are really committed to each other the bond between us has grown so much. Frank keeps telling everyone that he feels like we are really partners now.

I guess we now have a blog too. . .

Is it wrong that I started a blog with no kids? It seems like everyone that has one has kids. Oh well! We have furbabies for now and someday we might have real kids so we can just add them to it!

I guess now I can cancel myspace and our other website and we will use this one.