Monday, June 29, 2009

Virgina Trip

I'm finally getting around to blogging. I've been too tired and too much playing to blog lately.

We've had a busy month. The first week in June, Frank, Bella and I flew to VA to see our nephew, Paul graduate from high school. He graduated Cum Laude and has a track scholarship to Georgia Tech. We are VERY proud of him! My mom met us in VA and we took the week to sight see. I won't bore you with all the pictures, just a few.

Butterfly at the exhibit at the Smithsonian. Do you see an owl's eye or a snakes profile?

Inside the butterfly exhibit, my mom, Bella, Me, SIL Renee and Nephew Brian
Mount Vernon. Notice Bella is sleeping (she did a LOT of that in the stroller), excuse the hair, it was HOT and humid!!
Bella with Grandpa Frank
Bella loved all the attention she got. She had a ton of fun with Paul in this box. They were determined to get her to walk while we there, no such luck, she still isn't walking.

Paul receiving his diploma

Panda at the National Zoo
Bella slept in her stroller, A LOT!
Thomas Jefferson's house. I have to admit going there, I wasn't really sure who he was. I knew he had something to do with the starting of this country and he was a president, that was the extent. Seeing his house and learning more about him was VERY interesting. He is definitely someone I would like to have dinner with, if I could.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New growth!

Everything around here is growing (these are in no particular order, blogger is being a pain)!!
Look Ma, no hands! Bella started standing on her own, over the weekend. She is funny though, she doesn't hang on to something and then let go, she will just stand up from squatting in the middle of the room.

Sweet peas
bog in the pond
Pond and filter. The waterfall should be done this weekend. We have 2 goldfish and 2 koi that we transferred in there. They seem very happy, so far. Hopefully the green will clear up in the next week or so.

Our garden is doing so well. We've had LOTS of lettuce from it, and the tomatoes should be ready in the next week or so. We have about 10 zucchinis that are going to be ready in the next couple of days too.

Bella is getting so big. I love her face in these two pictures!

She's climbing EVERYTHING!!!