Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1 month left

I officially have one month left. YIPEE! Because we are having a surprise baby and random strangers come up to me on the street and tell me that I'm having either a boy or a girl, I've decided to start an official poll. It's to the right, it's just for fun. I'm going to keep track of what people tell me I'm having as well, and we will see if all the wives tales are right.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

We chose a stroller!

Yippee!! We got a stroller! Finally the biggest thing on my list to do (besides have a baby) is done! I am so relieved to finally make a decision. We chose this one. It even came with a kit that can make it a double stroller. It also has a kit that makes it able to carry a car seat. It has accessories for every possible thing you could want. Frank likes the saddle bags that it comes with, he wanted to know if they had Harley Davidson logos on them so they matched his motorcycles.

Monday, April 21, 2008

34 Week Checkup and lots of whining

I'm SO over this pregnancy thing! Between the lack of sleep, the pelvis that feels like it's going to crack in two every time I move, and the sausage fingers, I'm done. I keep thinking there's gotta be some way to go into labor at 36 weeks. I could handle another two weeks, but I don't think I can handle another 6, more like 7! Let's not forget the emotions that yesterday I woke up and cried for a good hour for no reason! Frank likes that part the best (I have to say that he has been the best husband through all of this. Major props to him)!!!

Today I had my 34 week checkup. I told the Dr. I'm done. She just told me to hang in there, blech. Everything was fine, the baby is head down and engaged. I am measuring 35 weeks, instead of 34, so maybe next time I go it will have moved up a week and then I could be two weeks early. It's a compromise between 2 and 6, right?? Although, I can't have the baby early, my Mom can't come until June. I guess I'll keep trying to hang in there.

I have a lot to do still to get ready for baby. None of it is critical stuff (well, except packing my hospital bag), but it's all stuff that I would like to not have to deal with after the baby is here. Like buying a stroller. I can't make up my mind about which kind to get. The one I really want is REALLY expensive, so it's out. Although, if it was the only stroller I have to buy forever, it might be worth it, but probably not. If anyone has suggestions of great strollers, I'll take them! My sister's both have their favorites, but they are completely different strollers! AUGH!

Okay, I'm done with my whining!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy Month and I'm tired!

Wow! It's been a busy month! Between trying to get work done for clients, making a baby, building my business, my birthday, family vacation with my family, I'm exhausted!

April 6th was my birthday. Frank threw me a little party with "close friends and family." Anyone that knows Frank knows that no party he plans is ever little. It was a great time! Thanks to everyone that celebrated with me!! Frankie gave me a new camera. It's very cool! It goes underwater to 33 feet deep and it can be dropped from 5.5 feet!

Then on Thursday last week we flew down to San Diego to meet my family for a long weekend. I'll tell you a very embarrassing story!

Frank and I got up at 5:00 am to catch our flight from Oakland to San Diego. I get online, print our tickets, look for our rental car confirmation (which I SWEAR I booked, because I even told my sister exactly what a great deal we got on it!) we take off, ride BART to the airport. Everything is going great, we are on time, blah, blah, blah. We are next in line to check our bags and Frank pulls the tickets out and hands them to me, I look at them and WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I about died!! I thought Frank was going to kill me (he's not the most patient person, especially when it comes to blatant stupidity)! So we get out of line and he asks someone standing there what we should do she says talk to a customer service rep, but it will probably cost us $100 EACH to change our tickets. YIKES! Our tickets were only $100 in the first place! Frank walks up to the customer service person and asks the man, "Do you have children?" "And grandchildren," he replies. "So you'll understand, my very pregnant wife was in charge of booking our tickets and getting us to the airport and we are supposed to be in San Francisco." The man looks at me, looks at my belly and just smiles. He changes the tickets, but it's going to cost us $100 each to change them. So he then gets on the phone and calls headquarters in Dallas to get the fee waived. They very graciously did!! After he gives us our tickets he says, "Pregnancy is considered a disability, so you can pre-board." I think it's a disability because you lose your mind!!!!!

Anyway, we made it to San Diego, still no idea where I booked the rental car with, so we start calling all the rental companies, no one has record of it, but long story, not quite as long, we were able to get Thrifty to rent us a car for cheaper than I had booked the other one for.

I have to give a shout out to both Southwest and Thrifty for saving our trip and my marriage!! I think Frank would have killed me had we had to pay the $100!

We had a great time in San Diego, we went to Sea World, the Beach, The American Girl Doll Store (as much as I really don't have a thing for dolls, I was very impressed with the store), we got to see my cousins that live in L.A. and Vegas, and on one day we just kind of relaxed, spent the day in the pool, went and saw the San Diego temple, and went to the Gas Lamp District.
My nephew, Bevan, at Sea World, he was very enthralled with the whole thing.
Bevan and Hailey fighting over the sand inside the blow up, there wasn't enough sand everywhere else, they both had to dig in the middle of the blow up.
Shopping Spree at American Girl Doll store.
Hailey and Holly in the pool
Testing out the underwater option on my camera. This is my 8 year old niece, Katie.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Less than 50 days to go!

I've been gone to San Diego for the weekend with Frank and my family, I'll post about that later, I'm too tired right now.

I was just catching up on blogs and when I logged in to mine, I realized that I only have 46 days to go!! WHOOPEE!! I'm SO excited to meet this baby!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nursery Before and During

Here are the pictures of the nursery before and not-quite after. It's almost done, we are waiting for the rest of the furniture so we can put all that stuff in the corner away.
BeforeAfter. Frank made this shelf and put the things on it.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Time flies when you are having fun

I can now officially say that I'm due next month!! Granted it's the end of next month, but it's still NEXT month! That's crazy to me!!

I had a great weekend last weekend! My Mom flew in on Thursday night for my baby shower. On Friday we got up and went shopping all day! If I was worried about keeping up my stamina during labor, I think I'm okay, spending all day between Ikea and Babies R Us was almost as bad! For those of you that know me really well, you probably know that I'm not the best shopper in the world. Especially when you are at a place like Ikea where you can't get out once you are lost in the maze. What I thought was going to be a quick trip to pick up a piece of furniture and a rug for the nursery turned into, changing my mind 1000 times about what I wanted and leaving with nothing but a rug! Not only were we in Ikea, which is bad enough (at least it was a weekday, so it wasn't so packed) but there was a crazy lady there that we kept bumping into! Everywhere we went, there she was!

After that we went and signed my tax papers so we can FINALLY get our refund and had lunch. Than we decided to go to Babies R Us and see what kind of furniture they have there. We had already purchased our crib and it's black, which was making it difficult to find baby furniture that matched, everything is cherry or white. We went there and were able to find a "chifferobe" and changing table that was really cute, black and not the price of a new car. So I called Frank to see what he thought, he said, I'll be right there and see if I can get a better price on it. Frank is the king of getting a good deal! The poor sales people that have to deal with him. He's been in sales for so long he can beat them at their own game, and Babies R Us aren't sales people, they are just store people. Anyway, he ended up getting a great deal on it! That got him motivated to finish the nursery!All the guests. We were nervous about rain, but luckily it didn't. It was a perfect day!

Saturday was my shower. It was such a great time! Thanks SO much Terri and Reinita for putting it on. We got lots of great baby gifts and it definitely put me in the mood to finally prepare for baby! Thank you to everyone who came!!
Sling Mom gave me that I couldn't figure out how it goes. I think this is right.
I think this picture makes my belly look fake. It looks like I just have a basketball up my dress!

When we came home from the nursery Frank had it painted! I was so excited. I LOVE the color! My Mom helped us make the decision (it was almost the same color that I've been saying I like for 6 months, but I think Frank just need a second opinion to agree with me. I'll post pictures when it's completely finished. He has done such a great job on it. I tease him about how anal he is about things like that, but I'm glad when it's done because it looks perfect. He pays attention to all the detail. On Sunday morning we set up the crib. That made it more of a reality that we are having a baby! I'll post pictures when we get the rest of the furniture in it. It won't be here for at least another week.

Mom and I went and walked around the town of Niles (it's not really a town, it's part of where I live, but it used to be a town, so people still call it that) it's where Charlie Chaplin filmed all of his movies and there are lots of cute antique stores. We had a great time having Mom here. Thanks for coming!!